Fabio Wuytack


Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Name: Fabio Wuytack
Address: Axelsvaardeken 14
9185 Wachtebeke
tel: + 32 485 41 65 85
E-mail: fabio.wuytack@gmail.com
Website : www.fabiowuytack.com

Master Degree: master in audiovisual arts (Brussels/Sint Lukas)
Specialisation: film direction documentary.
Master Degree: pedagogical degree / master in audiovisual arts (Gent/Sint Lucas)


Title: Red Star Line

Between 1873 and 1934, the legendary shipping company Red Star Line transported 2 million migrants from Antwerp to New York.

The documentary series presents a mosaic of human migration stories. Old audio recordings of the Oral History Program give us the chance to hear Red Star Line passengers talk about the most important journey of their life.

For the film we also visited descendants of some Red Star Line passengers in America to give them the chance to listen to their grand or great-grandparents testimonies. With them we discovered why they had left everything behind, travelled to Antwerp, how the RSL brought them across the ocean to New York and how they tried to build up a new life on the other side of the ocean.

Title: Expecting


Jawid escaped from Afghanistan and Dashurije left Kosovo in search for a better life. They met each other in the refugee-center in Brussels and since then, the only thing they have in this world is each other – and their yet to be born baby.

Through hunger strikes and demonstrations, they manage to obtain a temporary permit to stay in Belgium. The happiness for this positive change is burdened by a chain of events that puts their everyday life under severe pressure. And when new problems arise with their permit to stay, the destiny of their unborn child is at stake.



“Alles wat je voor mij doet, maar zonder mij, doe je tegen mij.” - Gandhi

Wat is armoede? Gaat armoede over louter een gebrek aan geld of is er meer aan de hand?

In THE MISSING LINK gaat Fabio Wuytack op zoek naar de binnenkant van armoede, in de marge van de welvaartstaat.

In de ontroerende en fascinerende gesprekken met mensen die de armoede aan den lijve hebben ondervonden, komt de psychologische kant van armoede boven water. Hun aangrijpende levenservaringen confronteren ons met de impact van sociale uitsluiting.

In een samenleving die verscheurt lijkt te raken door de steeds grotere kloof tussen arm en rijk, verenigt DE MISSING LINK verhalen vanop beide oevers.

Authentiek, onthullend, diep-bewogen.



Prosecuted as a revolutionary...
banned as a priest...
arrested as a rebel...
celebrated as an artist...

This is Frans Wuytack's truly inspiring and overwhelming story. Unchaining a social and cultural revolution in the 60's he changed the lives of many people, from the Venezuelan slums to the Belgian Ports. PERSONA NON GRATA is an epic journey, made by his son, documentary filmmaker Fabio Wuytack.

Nominations and official selections
  • IDFA / International Documentary Festival Amsterdam 2008 (Netherlands)
  • International Film Festival for Social Films 2008 (Antwerp/Belgium)
  • Guadalajara International Film Festival 2009 (Mexico)
  • Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival 2009 (Greece)
  • Visions Du Réel 2009 (Switzerland)
  • Latin American Film Festival 2009 (Netherlands)
  • Planete DOC review 2009 (Poland)
  • DOCVILLE 2009 (Belgium)
  • Athens International Film Festival 2009 (Greece)
  • International Documentary Film Festival 'Encuentros del Otro Cine' 2009 (Ecuador)
  • ROOFTOP Film Festival 2009 (NY/US)
  • Biografilm Festival 2009 (Bologna/Italy)
  • Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2009 (Estonia)
  • Documentary and Animated Film Festival 2009 (Cyprus)
  • Reykjavik International film festival 2009 (Iceland)
  • Ismailia International Festival for Documentary 2009 (Egypt)
  • Festival du Nouveau Cinema de Montréal 2009 (Canada)
  • DOCKANEMA, Festival du Film Documentaire de Maputo 2009 (Mozambique)
  • Documentary Festival of Chalkis 2009 (Greece)
  • Flanders International Latin America Film Festival (Belgium)
  • MiradasDOC (Tenerife/Spain)
  • International Documentary Film Festival of Uruguay (Uruguay)
  • Festival cinéma D’ATTAC (Belgium)
  • Film Festival Colores Latino Americanos (France)
  • Human Rights Film Festival (Bolivia)
  • Take One Action Film Festival (UK)
  • LATINO DOCS Film Festival (Toulouse / France)
  • Latin American and the Caribbean Film Festival: Cinemaissi (Finland)
  • Upcoming talent award / International Film Festival for Social Films (Antwerp/Belgium)
  • Culture prize / Sint Niklaas awards (Sint Niklaas)
  • Une étoile de la SCAM* (Paris/France)
  • BIOGRAFILM award / Bologna International Film Festival (Italy)
  • PTS festival achievements award (Taipei/Taiwan)
  • Special mention / Ismailia International Festival for Documentary 2009 (Egypt)
  • Best Human Rights Film / Flanders Latin American Film Festival
  • Best Documentary Director / International Documentary Film Festival of Uruguay
  • Best Editor / ATLANTIDOC Film Festival

Title: MADE IN ITALY (DOCU 28min)


In MADE IN ITALY Fabio Wuytack discovers an old film, shot more than 100 years ago in Carrara (Italy) by the inventors of the cinema, the Lumière brothers. Fabio decides to bring the film back to the charming little marble-city where even Michelangelo came to make his sculptures. With the help of a sinister cinema-owner, some rough mineworkers, an enthusiast old priest and other fascinating characters he tries to find the mythical location where the Lumière brothers have filmed. MADE IN ITALY is an Italian journey full of ‘commedia dell’arte’ that brings Fabio closer to his roots then he could ever have imagined ...

Nominations and official selections
  • Short Film Festival Leuven Kort (Belgium)
  • Full Frame Documentary Film Festival (USA)
  • European Film School Festival (Finland)
  • Iowa Short Film Festival (USA)
  • FILMSTOCK International Film Festival (UK)
  • Visions Du Réel (Switzerland)
  • Art Film Festival (Bratislava/Slovakia)
  • SILVERDOCS Film Festival (USA)
  • Mostra Internazionale del Cortometraggio (Montecatini/Italy)
  • International exhibition: Académie Européenne Des Arts
  • AVANCA Film Festival (Portugal)
  • Festival International du Film Aubagne (France)
  • Argos Film Festival (Brussels/Belgium)
  • Etats généraux du film documentaire (Lussas/France)
  • Le Festival du court-métrage à Lyon (France)
  • International Film Festival Ghent (Belgium)
  • Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival (Taiwan)
  • San Francisco Short Film Festival (USA)
  • Henri Storck Film Competition (Brussels/Belgium)
  • Barcelona Short Film Festival (Spain)
  • New York Short Film Festival (USA): Opening night film
  • Rooftop Film Festival (NY / USA)
  • DOCUDAYS Film Festival (Lebanon)
  • ZagrebDOX International Film Festival (Croatia)
  • Aarhus Festival of Independent Arts (Denmark)
  • Les étoiles de la SCAM* (Paris)
  • Trento International Film Festival (Italy)
  • Film Festival Premio Lessinia (Italy)
  • VENICE International Short Film Festival (Italy)
  • International Film Festival ‘La Noche de los Cortos’(Peru)
  • MEDfilmfestival ROME (Italy)
  • Kathmandu Film Festival (Nepal)
  • Potenza International Film Festival (Italy)
  • Premio Nazionale Culturale Torre di Castruccio (Carrara/Italy)
  • BEST DOCUMENTARY Award / Short Film Festival Leuven Kort (Belgium)
  • REGARDS NEUFS Award / Visions Du Réel (Switzerland)
  • Special Mention / Mostra Internazionale del Cortometraggio (Montecatini/Italy)
  • ‘Stichting Roeping’ Award / Stichting Roeping Brussels the chairman of the jury was the Belgian filmmaker Stijn Coninx
  • Médaille de vermeil / Académie Européenne Des Arts
  • TELEVISION Award / AVANCA film festival (Portugal)
  • BEST SHORT DOCUMENTARY Award / Festival International du Film Aubagne (France)
  • Special mention / San Francisco Short Film Festival
  • BEST DOCUMENTARY Award / Barcelona Short Film Festival (Spain)
  • Une étoile de la SCAM* / Les étoiles de la SCAM* (Paris)
  • BEST DOCUMENTARY Award / Trento International Film Festival (Italy)
  • BEST DOCUMENTARY Award / International Film Festival ‘La Noche de los Cortos’
  • Premio Nazionale Culturale Torre di Castruccio (Carrara/Italy)

Title: Two Hands (DOCU 5 min)


Palestine has only four cardiac surgeons and Mohammed Tamim is one of them. In 2003 he came to Belgium to specialise in paediatric surgery. But the second Intifada has made Mohammed a war surgeon and every day he is fighting his war. But despite it all, Mohammed has a dream that keeps him alive. Two Hands is a touching document about an intense personal grief. Director Fabio Wuytack creates a poetic visual bridge that goes beyond the here and now.

Nominations and official selections
  • Canadian World Wide Short Film Festival, Toronto (Canada)
  • Argos Film Festival (Brussels/Belgium)
  • Screening during the international day in memory of archbishop ROMERO of El Salvador (Brugge/Belgium)
  • Screening during peace congress at the VREDESHUIS (Gent/Belgium)
  • DOCUDAYS Film Festival (Lebanon)
  • Festival Du Film Court De Victo (Quebec/Canada)
  • New York City Shorts Film Festival (USA)
  • Golden Horse Film Festival (Taiwan)
  • Visionaria 2005 Film Festival (Siena/Italy)
  • London Palestine Film Festival (UK)
  • SYRACUSE Film Festival NYC (USA)
  • PARIS TOUT COURT Film Festival (France)
  • ZONE Film Festival (Belgium)
  • Aubagne International Film Festival (France)
  • Aarhus Festival of Independent Arts (Denmark)
  • Iowa City International Documentary Film Festival (USA)
  • COURTISANE International Film Festival (Gent/Belgium)
  • CANNES International Film Festival (France) Official invitation for special screening at SHORT FILM CORNER
  • FILMSTOCK International Film Festival (UK)
  • Zagreb International Short Film Festival (Croatia)
  • International Independent Film Festival Vienna (Austria)
  • Exhibition: The Last Session / De Brakke Grond (Amsterdam/Netherlands)
  • BEST DOCUMENTARY Award / Golden Horse Film Festival (Taiwan)
  • Prix du Public - Meilleur Premier film Européen / PARIS TOUT COURT (France)
  • BEST DOCUMENTARY Award / International Independent Film Festival Vienna (Austria)

Title: VLERNIKA Los Niños de La Guerra (Multimedia concert 58min)


Spain suffered a major civil war between 1936 to 1939. In 1937 ten thousands of children were evacuated from the horrible warzone. More than 3000 children found a new home in guest families in Ghent. A couple of the 'niños de la guerra' returned to their home country after the war, others started a new life in Belgium. Trefpunt, in cooperation with composer Dick van der Harst, director Fabio Wuytack and scriptwriter Brecht Vanmeirhaeghe, wants to emphasize the occurrences with a special multidisciplinary project. The exponent of the project is Vlernika, an extraordinary visual and musical story, which explores the links between history, experience and emotion.

  • Multimedia presentation during the opening night the annual festivities of the city of Ghent
  • Multimedia presentation during the festival NOORDERZON in Groningen
  • Multimedia presentation in culture venue ‘VOORUIT’ in Ghent filmed in HIGH DEFINITION by ALFACAM for EXQI Culture.
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Title: Back to Iran (DOCU 49 min)


In 1979 Dirk Tieleman was one of the international journalists who accompanied Ayatollah Khomeini to Teheran. The experience of reporting the Iranian Revolution marked Dirk Tieleman’s career. 30 years later he decides to return to Iran together with the filmmaker Fabio Wuytack. The plan they have in mind is to make a documentary without official permission, exploring the daily lives of Iranian people. On their 3000 kilometer voyage they discover the many faces of Iran. An image very different from the strong fundamendalist image the mainstream media shows.

  • Broadcasting of the short version during the program TERZAKE on the 30th of January 2009 / CANVAS
  • Television première 2nd February 2009 / CANVAS DIGITAL
  • Television broadcasting 7th June 2009 / CANVAS



CITTADELLARTE, a city of art where creativity merges with new ideas to be reinjected into society. This was the dream that Michelangelo Pistoletto had at the end of the nineties. Today CITTADELLARTE is no longer a dream, the city of art is based on the riverside of the Italian city Biella. Young artists, economists and scientists from around the world gather to develop their projects for a social responsible transformation.
After his film ‘Made in Italy’ filmmaker Fabio Wuytack returns to his beloved Italy. Together with the creative team of CITTADELLARTE he tries to unravel the inspiring character of the place. It’s an adventure full of surprising poetry.

Nominations and official selections
  • Docmarket Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (Greece)
  • Beursschouwburg Brussel (Belgium)
  • Argos Film Festival Brussel (Belgium)
  • XIVth biennale of Carrara (Italy)
  • Ciné Privé (Gent/Belgium)


KASK filmschool / Gent 2006
‘Developing the point of view of a personal documentary’
‘The storyboard: Drawing documentary frames’
Sint Lucas / Antwerpen 2006
‘Auschwitz IMAGE/MEMORY’ Secondary school Ursulinen Mechelen 2007
‘Journalism or filmmaking?’
Mediaweek Lyceum Gent 2009
‘Independent filmmaking’
Universidad Guadalajara / Mexico 2009
Latin American studies / New York University 2009
‘The face of a portrait film’
Hoge School West Vlaanderen departement Journalistiek 2009
‘Director or Filmmaker’
RITS film academy / Brussel 2010
‘The different layers of a portrait film'
film & video department / KSO / SISA / Antwerp 2010


Coach at the audiovisual journalism department (2008) / Katholieke Hogeschool Mechelen
Personal coach documentary project ‘Children of the sea’ / RITS film academy Brussel 2010


Film festivals
  • Leuven Kort International Film Festival 2005
  • Short Film Festival Sint Niklaas 2006
  • TIDF Taiwan Documentary Film Festival 2006
  • Flanders Latin American Film Festival 2010
Film academies and Universities
  • Jurymember for the graduation projects of the journalism departement / Katholieke Hogeschool Mechelen 2008
  • Jurymember for the graduation projects / film academy KASK Ghent 2009
Film Funds
  • Jurymember for the Wildcard-award / VAF (Vlaams Audiovisual Fund) 2009


Panel: ‘Film and commitment’
Panel: ‘Documentaries and new media activism’
THESSALONIKI Film Festival 2009
Panel: ‘New media: from cell phones to HD’
Visions Du Réel Film Festival 2009
Panel: ‘Making Independant documentaries in Iran’
ULB universiteit 2009 (Brussel/België)
Panel: ‘Documentary film in the satellite channel age’
Ismailia International Film Festival for Documentary (Egypt)


In 1999 the European Union granted Fabio Wuytack with a scholarship to develop an artistic project in Italy. He went to Carrara to design his own sculptures in marble. For a period of 6 months he worked in the ‘Laboratorio de Nicoli’, the workshop where Cezar, Vangi and Cardenas created their sculptures. He is also in the habit of going to Barcelona for a period of time each year, to design bronze sculptures.

  • ‘La Medaille d’or’ / 26th international exhibit of the Académie Européenne des Arts
  • ‘Silver medal’ / SPECTRAAL-jury in Ghent
  • ‘First prize’ / international Symposium of Bas-Normandie


Considering his interest and experience in the world of the arts, the International Art Consultants LTD gallery in London asked Fabio Wuytack to realise a film for them. The film had to be an impression of the collection of modern works of art brought together in the new headquarters of Glaxo Smith Kline in London. This documentary was broadcast in Great-Britain by TV/Williams. In 2003 this film was presented in Cannes, at the occasion of the International Architectural Conference.
In 2000 Fabio wrote a film review for the millennium-contest of the organization CJP. Fabio’s analysis of the Cuban film ‘El elefante y la bicicleta’ was awarded by the jury with the prize of ‘best film-review’.
Anno 2000 Fabio Wuytack directed a 25-minute short film with a close group of friends in Catalunia. This film premiered in Vooruit Ghent, on the occasion of a provincial cultural project.
During his studies at Sint-Lukas Film Academy he realized various short films. In May 2001 he started his graduation-project for the first Bachelors year: a short fictional film of 5 minutes, entitled CELESTE. This film received an AVS Award in 2002.
In August 2001, Fabio Wuytack filmed the performance of JAZZNO TRAUMA in Diepenheim , a performance by the composer/musician Frans Joseph Goof.
In December 2001 Fabio Wuytack was asked to make a film, on the occasion of the dancing-project ‘9x9’. This European Union dancing-project for young people took place in the museum for contemporary art SMAK (Ghent).
In 2002 Fabio Wuytack made a portrait film entitled ‘André Rouler’. The film shows the urban odyssey of an 83-year old Belgian through the African districts of Brussels.
In April 2002 Fabio left for Barcelona to shoot another documentary. This time his documentary storytelling is settled in an impoverished bronze foundry in the industrial area San Adrian de Besos.
Near the end of 2002, Fabio made the autobiographical documentary DYLSEXY. The film, in which he tells of his own struggle with dyslexia, was received very positively on account of the humoristic undertone full of self-mockery and zany editing. This film was also broadcast at the Interacademic Colloquium 2004 in Flanders.
In January 2003 music magazine RIFRAF asked Fabio Wuytack to make a visual statement to broadcast on TMF, on the day the UN-Commission had to approve the American war in Iraq. He worked out a fake breaking news-item, in which Bush and Saddam fraternally sang a duet for world peace. It was broadcast 29 times on the channel, the visualization reminding heavily of the typical Monty-Pythonesque technique of animation, which elevated the satire to make it even more hallucinogenic.